As I am sure it has been said by many generations before us we live at a time with unparalleled access to amazing resources. Check out some of these resources that can help you with your study of Scripture.

Scriptures in Original Languages

Have you ever wondered why different translations of the Bible differ in rendering on certain verses in the Bible? Checking out the Scriptures in their original languages can help you understand the unique expression of the authors better and it puts you in the driver seat when it comes to both translation and understanding the text. Even without a firm grasp on the original languages, interlinears can help you see the pure literal basic definitions of words in English from which you can then piece together the expression of the author in the given verses of Scripture. These are a must for deep study Scripture.

Logos Bible Software; Lexham Hebrew/Greek interlinear

Logos Bible Software is my first pick for different languages. Creating an account and getting a base package of books at Logos is free. The resources however are not. The New Testament and Greek Old Testament (Septuagint) Interlinear will only run you about 45 bucks, but the Hebrew can be quite costly at 100 bucks. I use these for my Greek Old and New Testament studies.



There are various free options for interlinears on the web, but nothing as neat for what I have. Run a google search to find some on the web!

Manuscripts, Texts, and Codices

Checking out the early manuscripts, texts, fragments, and codices of Scripture help us see how the Scriptures were copied throughout time. Have you ever wondered why some translations may include certain verses while others omit them? Checking up on these witnesses will help you answer that kind of question. 

Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM)

While this site specializes in New Testament witnesses you may also be able to come across some Hebrew via the Dead Sea Scroll samplings that they have. Search by verse or just jump into the many different witness offering this amazing project has to offer.

Visual and Auditory Learning:​

I’m a visual kind of a guy. This is what has gravitated me away from books and more towards tv and video games. That being said sometimes a visual picture from others who are talented in bringing the historic and cultural aspects of Scripture to life can offer us a better understanding of the teachings of Scripture. Even those who aren’t as visually oriented have much to gain from visual presentations such as seeing people live a life in the day of 1st century middle easterner or just being reminded by living actors that Jesus and his followers were real people. Hearing the Scriptures spoken by others can also help to concentrate on the Scriptures in a different way than reading.

The Bible Project

The Bible project has videos on everything from Bible book summaries to how to understand the Bible. Not only do they offer great visuals, but the teachings are headed by some excellent teachers.


The Lumo Project

The Lumo project has taken the four gospel accounts of the New Testament and made them into 4 individual films. The only audio in these films are the actual Scriptures so these make for great tools when trying to better understand the Gospels. Visually these will remind you that Christ lived like us, as an actual person who interacted with real people. I highly recommend these films for both visual and auditory learning. The films are available for purchase on DVD format and amazon download. At the time of writing you can also find these on Netflix. Clips can also be viewed on YouVersion Bible App. Check out the website for more info.

Early Church Father Interpretation:

Who are the Early Church Fathers and what value are their writings? Well, it depends on who you ask. The writings of the Church fathers are ancient texts of Christians outlining theological discussion and their views on Christianity. These texts range from people who lived during the times of the Apostles to hundreds of years afterwards. Their writings are an amazing resource to see how Christianity developed after the Apostles and what different early interpretations early Christians had on the teachings of the Apostles and Scripture. (Classical Christian Ethereal Library)

This website is a free resource where you can read many free Christian resources. Concerning the church fathers, you can access their uploaded Early Church Fathers Collection. They also have free downloadable .pdfs and inexpensive kindle versions. (

Another website to read the fathers on is New Advent (