Scripture, Tradition, and the Holy Spirit as the Rule of Faith and Practice


Have you considered what the rule of the Christian faith should be? By asking this I mean do you know the authorities that govern our faith and how they show us what true Christianity is? If you have taken a look at Christianity for more than five minutes you have probably noticed that there is a lot of disagreeing that goes on. I believe when it comes to our faith, we should look to the Christian Scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and Tradition to begin to discern what true Christianity is in its teaching and its practice. To be clear all three of these need to be interpreted, but they are Christianity’s governing force from which we begin to interpret. I’d like to begin my support for this with a short recap of what Christianity is. In the parts that follow this article I will begin to support and authenticate this method with Scripture, Tradition, and the Holy Spirit. 

Short Re-cap of Christianity

Jesus the divine man came to Earth to gather those whom His father had given. He called out the twelve Apostles and the original disciples whom He taught, instructed them in the ways of God, and promised them the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower them. When He left them and ascended He gave them the reminder to withhold their preaching until the Promised Spirit would come upon them. Upon the time of the Promise, the Apostles were then supernaturally empowered to continue the work of Christ in founding the Churches. It is through their working, being empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit, that Christ continued His mission of gathering those whom His Father gave Him. Jesus has been at work ever since and continues to this day to gather those who are His. The threefold method I present to you is this. One faith governed by One Lord Jesus who has started and continues His work through Empowered Apostolic tradition. The Scriptures themselves are equal because they themselves are the work of the Apostles and therefore find themselves within this Empowered, Apostolic Tradition. Therefore the threefold method of Christianity’s origin, authority, and means of interpretation should then be broken down simply and equally as the Holy Spirit, Apostolic or Christian Tradition, and Scripture.

I believe if you consider our Holy Faith you will also find this to be true. I also believe that all three of these methods affirm and authenticate one another and therefore make one Christian faith. So mainly I am going to attempt to back this up by referring to evidences from these three. But before I do that I would like to say this. When it comes to the Christian faith not everyone comes to believe in it the same way. Mainly all of us have believed because someone first spoke it to us. There are some of us I am sure that maybe first believed by picking up a Bible or seen a work of the Holy Spirit that first made them believe the religion, but usually this number is pretty small compared to the number of those being told about Christianity. I guess there is two points to what I said. The sub point is “hey, tradition is still works”. But my main point is this. No matter what way we enter Christianity we all give a trust to something that first makes us believe. The implications being that we give our faith to the Bible, the Tradition handed to us, and experiencing a work of the Holy Spirit. So without further ado I would like to demonstrate and support this method.

Scripture, Tradition, and the Holy Spirit as the Rule of Faith and Practice

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